Links My Premium Gallery page, which includes more recent photos with medium format (Mamiya 7), large format (Wista and Tachihara 4x5), and digital (Canon Powershot A510, Canon Powershot A710IS, Canon Rebel XT/XTi, Panasonic Lumix LX3).

Mountain Light Photography by Galen Rowell. Landscapes with dramatic light; some wildlife photos. Nice slide shows!

Art Wolfe Online: Great wildlife photography and more! Lots of nice galleries; a long list of his books.

John Fielder, Nature Photographer: Landscape and historical photography; includes an extensive list of his published photo books.

Muench Photography, Inc.: Landscape photography by David and Marc Muench.

John Shaw Photography: Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, and Panoramic Photography.

Heather McFarland has some really clean, beautiful images. I found her on

Tom Till Photography: Large format landscape photography; a huge stock photo library.
Ansel Adams Gallery: Virtual exhibits, contemporary artists, workshops, books, and more.

Dan Heller Photography: Over 20,000 images from around the world.

Marc E. Adamus has some unbelievable work in his galleries. He's a master of light!

Danny Burk: Take some time and go through these galleries. There is a lot of really nice work here. His panoramas are addictive!

Pikes Peak Ranger District: Lists and describes many of the trails I mention on, and more! Go to "Hiking and Walking" under "Activities Within Pikes Peak Ranger District" below the area map.

Eternal Rose: Relaxing music by Justus, on CD

Gary Null: Gary Null's Natural Living.

Dr. Dr. Andrew Weil's path to physical and mental health. Jakob Nielsen, website usability expert.

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