I will eventually have hundreds of thumbnails that open to larger versions, as in New Photos, Planets 2002, and many of my other galleries. These images are from film scans (transparencies or negatives) using a Nikon CoolScan IV ED dedicated film scanner. My first uploaded CoolScan IV image was "Pikes Peak Moonset and Red Clouds" (also on Colorado Summer, page two--the green border indicates a link). Many of the photos on ColoradoLight.com (as in the Spain galleries) are older, flatbed scans from small prints. Keep checking back for more of the larger versions as I will continue to upgrade more images to film scans. All new photos added will also be from direct film scans.

Pikes Peak 
      Moonset and Alpenglow This thumbnail of the moon setting behind Pikes Peak is a link to a drum scan image of a Kodachrome slide, done in about 1997. As mentioned above, I will continue to upgrade the photos on ColoradoLight.com with images that can be clicked on for a larger view.

The Colorado "gallery" is divided by season. Colorado is a great place for year-round photography! Nearly all of the Colorado photographs are from my 2001-2003 hikes. Some of the wide angle shots of Pikes Peak are 10-15 years old, but everything else is newer work (2001 and later).

The Nebraska gallery is the smallest, with three images. Keep checking back for more!

The Spain photo galleries are "Faces", "Places", and "Color". I shot these photos in and around Cádiz from 1985 to 1987 while I was living and teaching English there (with the exception of one of the sunset photos, which I shot in 1981 while studying there). Although the majority of these scans are black and white photos, I primarily shot color slides while in Spain. Keep checking back for my Coolscan scans of these color transparencies!

My Links page lists Web sites that I recommend. Most are photography sites, and I have included a few non-photo sites as well that may be of interest to you.

In 2004 I bought a Mamiya 7 (medium format 6x7 cm) and a Tachihara 4x5 (large format field camera). I am impressed by the detail of the larger film formats (4x5 has nearly 15 times the film area of 35mm!) and the power of camera movements. I'm enjoying building a whole new portfolio! I now scan all of my film formats on an Epson 4870 flatbed which does a wonderful job. Keep checking back for some new galleries featuring these larger formats!

Also see my Premium Gallery page on BetterPhoto.com, which includes more recent photos from the larger formats mentioned above, and digital (Canon Powershot A510, Canon Powershot A710IS, Canon Rebel XT/XTi, and Panasonic Lumix LX3), and more photos of Spain, Italy, Morocco, and England.

Some of my photos, including some of my most recent medium and large format work (2004 to present), can be seen and purchased at Artazia Gallery and Frame, 1801 West Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs (ph. 719-477-0632).

E-mail: tjschmitt@att.net

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